Test Proctoring

We understand that life can get difficult for a student and may require them to miss an exam. For this reason, we have developed a testing service which allows students to take their exams in our secure testing facility. With state-of-the-art technology systems, we are able to effectively monitor the students activity throughout his or her examination. Our computer software also allows our proctors to lockdown computer functions and limit the usage to only the programs allowed by their instructors. Not only do we rely on technology systems, but we also have a live proctor at every exam. This allows us to double-down on security to ensure cheating does not occur.

We often work directly with the teachers and professors to obtain all the material needed for the exam. Whether it is computer based or paper based, we are equipped to take care of either examination type. To make this process easier for the teachers and professors, we offer free grading services if an answer key is provided to our facility.

The Process

Usually our process starts with a student asking us to use our proctoring services. We inform them that they must obtain approval from their teachers beforehand. Upon obtaining approval, the student will schedule the proctored exam during any available time. We are open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week for the convenience of our customers. After an exam is scheduled, we will obtain the contact information of the teacher and contact them directly in order to obtain all the necessary information and materials about the examination. When the test is done, we either email, fax, or mail the test material to the teacher based on the teachers requirements. If the teacher provides the answer key and is not interested in retrieving the original test materials, we email them the result and discard the unwanted material.

Our goal is to make the process easy, efficient, and reliable for all individuals involved.


We offer up-front pricing based directly on the amount of time allotted for the test. Our rate is $45 an hour. We charge based on the time frame allotted for the exam and not the actual time taken. For example, if the professor allots for two hours to take the exam, we charge $90. If there is no restricted time, we do a flat rate of $75 unless the exam takes an hour or less then we charge only $45.