Our tutoring services include both facility based learning and in-home learning. We understand how difficult it can be to arrange transportation for your child’s education needs, which is why we do in-home tutoring for no additional cost than our facility based tutoring services. We also pride ourselves in our “build-it-yourself” tutoring packages that make it easy and affordable for our customers. We do not charge differently based on age, academic grade level, or course difficulty. We charge solely based on time and experience level of our educators. Below is our up-front pricing structure:

High School Graduate Education Level $30 an hour
Associate Degree Level $45 an hour
Bachelor Degree Level $60 an hour
Master Degree Level $85 an hour
Doctorate Degree Level $125 an hour

All of our tutors have a minimum of two years experience in tutoring. Although, some of our tutors are active or retired teachers and college professors with an a large amount of experience.

Our goal is to do the best we can when placing our students with educators. We understand that a student-teacher relationship needs to be a positive one in order for effective learning to take place. For this reason, we allow tutors to be changed or let go at anytime for any reason. If you feel that the relationship is not effective, your are free to cancel or ask for a new tutor.

In order to do our best in placing the right educators with the right students, we offer a free consultation. During the consultation we arrange for the educator to meet the student and parents. This is the time where parents can ask any questions as well as conduct their own interview of the educator. We do not offer free tutoring during the consultation as it is primarily geared to allow the educator to make an education plan with the parents for their child. This includes addressing current issues and implementing a solid plan. If the match does not seem to be a good fit, it is also a good time for the parents to request a different educator where another free consultation will be provided with the new educator.